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Product Specifications and Photos
Product and Pallet Photos

Our products are processed aseptically - a technology that captures the natural qualities of fruits´ extracts. The result is a finished juice, sauce or drink with fresh, rich flavor, and vibrant colors while at the same time rendering them shelf-stable; without the need for the complications of the cold supply chain, nor the need for preservatives.

Moreover, the square shape of the carton package provides additional savings due to the elimination of the wasted corners of round cans or bottles.  
The aseptic carton also provides benefits to the consumer as it is much more convenient  to handle than difficult-to-open cans and risky glass bottles. After providing all these benefits, the aseptic carton, as flexible as it is, can be flattened for discarding, thus further reducing waste volume.


Please check with sales department for availability and customized development of your product of interest.